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Food Supplier / Reduce the waste of your hand-crafted food while reaching those in need.

What is a food supplier?

Any eatery (restaurant, caterer, café, food truck) or individual that wants to reduce food waste. You craft fresh food each day but often will have extra. This could be a couple of scones, a muffin or two, or a catering lot of salad. Instead of throwing it in the bin, you can see it be put to use. We are not asking you to make anything extra.

What about health and safety?

Provided the food was safe and suitable when it was donated, and came with any information needed to keep it safe and suitable, food suppliers are protected from civil or criminal liability under the Food Act 2014. We do our best to ensure that all donated food is safe and suitable for consumption, including taking all practicable steps to ensure that it is stored correctly until the time of distribution.


Realistically, food is with us for about an hour before going into the bellies of others. acknowledging you on our Facebook page, website, and any other way that we can.

How it works.

You will have a reusable bin from us to place surplus food in, which is picked up by volunteers, and then given a fresh one for the week. Our volunteers pick up from you at a time that suits you best, in a consistent and reliable manner, on the day that we’re open for service. It’s easy as.

Why join On The House?

By giving your surplus food to us, you will reduce your landfill costs, reduce your waste, and feel good about all your hard work being appreciated by those who need it most. You will also contribute to enhancing the community through kai and kindness. We let the community know that you support us by acknowledging you on our Facebook page, website, and any other way that we can.

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